Roanoke Catholic gives Chromebooks to students, upgrades technology

9th, 10th graders have new Chromebooks

ROANOKE – Roanoke Catholic students have new technology this school year.

Ninth and 10th graders all have Google Chromebooks. This has been in the works for four to five years, but they had to figure out how to pay for everything, including upgrading the wireless technology so students wouldn't bog down the network.

Students can collaborate on papers or on assignments when they're not at school.

"As an English teacher, I can log in and give them writing advice as they're writing instead of waiting for it to be turned in, make corrections and turn it back. It's especially helpful for me since my handwriting isn't legible. I type the answers in and I have infinite room to explain it to them," said Michael Fallon,  IT coordinator and English teacher. "Students are very busy and torn in a lot of different directions. This gives them an access point that they can stay in touch with the class and stay caught up."

If there's a snow day, they can also work from home.

Roanoke Catholic will expand the program over the next two years so all 8th to 12th graders will have a Chromebook.

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