Salem looks to cut renovation costs for high school

School board, council meet to talk about options

SALEM – Salem is looking at lower cost options for high school renovations. The school board and city council met this week to see the revised plans.

A new high school could have been more than $70 million.  Renovations came in at $53 million, but the idea presented by RRMM Architects now cuts renovations to $30 to $35 million instead.

Courtesy: City of Salem
Courtesy: City of Salem

Superintendent Dr. Alan Seibert says the concept presented a year ago was too much and the new proposal gives the high school what it needs right away, while giving it options to continue building in the future.

"The longstanding willingness for our leadership, in both the city and the schools, to come together and work for the common good of our children and taxpayers has existed since the school division was established and one of the primary reasons that we have a proven track record of success," said Seibert. "We understand that the community has a proven and sincere willingness to provide resources to establish and support excellent schools, but as school leaders who are also citizens in the community we serve, we are good stewards because know that resources are not unlimited."

Under the new plan, most of the second floor classroom area would not get any upgrades.

The school would get additions to solve space and security issues.

Right now, there's no timeline for when a decision will be made.

To see the presentation you can visit this link.