Leslie Saul Roanoke County teacher of the year.

Back Creek Elementary teacher wins the Golden Apple Award


The Roanoke County Education Foundation named its teacher of the year and other top teachers Wednesday night.

The Golden Apple award winner is Leslie Saul of Back Creek Elementary school.  

She wins  $3,000 in cash and the use of a new Subaru from First Team for a year.

Sitting in the new car, she described her philosophy for teaching.
"Children first. I feel that if you love the children, and as a teacher you love your job and go in every morning excited, excited to be with the children that they're going to be excited to learn," she said.

The Red Apple winners, representing elementary, middle and high school were, Cynthia Jones of Penn Forest Elementary, Lisa Riddle of Hidden Valley Middle School, and Alan Strecker of Northside High School.
     Buford -- BJ -- Joyce of the Burton Center for Arts and Technology won the Green Apple award for best new teacher.
    10 News anchor John Carlin was emcee for the event..