SOL pass rates down slightly across Virginia

Virginia Department of Education releases results

ROANOKE – The Virginia Department of Education released the results of Standards of Learning assessments taken by students during the 2017-2018 school year.

Pass rates on the 2017-2018 SOLs were little changed from the previous year, with students performing as follows:

  • 79 percent of the students who took reading tests passed, compared with 80 percent during 2016-2017;
  • 78 percent passed in writing, compared with 79 percent previously;
  • 77 percent passed in mathematics, compared with 79 percent in 2016-2017;
  • 81 percent passed SOL tests in science, compared with 82 percent previously; and
  • 84 percent of students tested in history and social studies passed, compared with 86 percent in 2016-2017

Roanoke City Schools Superintendent said "I think that we made great progress. And I am not at all concerned. I don't have any points of real concern."

The SOL tests are important as it helps to determine how schools are accredited. Dr. Bishop expects all schools to be accredited. She believes Hurt Park will be accredited with certain conditions. 

Lynchburg City School's results revealed to school officials white, black and Hispanic students had a steady or positive gain in reading, but other groups fell in subjects like math and science. Educators said this shows them they have some more work to do. 

Lynchburg City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Crystal Edwards said, "I recognized we have to take students where they are. So we are looking for our students to grow and move along a continuum, but I'm happy with the progress that they have made. We still have more progress to make and there's still more work to be done. But at least we're seeing an upward trend."


Below is a breakdown of the five sections of the SOL and the respective pass rates over the past three school years:

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