Roanoke County looking at adding cameras to catch drivers passing buses

Bus drivers to report how often they are getting passed

It's an issue killing children across the country --- people not stopping for stopped school buses. It's even a big problem in Roanoke County.

The school board is looking at how to stop to it. School spokesperson Chuck Lionberger says they are looking at putting in cameras to catch people.

Earlier this year, we told you about Botetourt County installing cameras on many of their routes and working with the county Sheriff's office to prosecute people.

Roanoke County is looking at similar options by installing a camera that catches license plate numbers and working with police or another organization to handle the law enforcement side of it.

Roanoke County has 152 buses so Lionberger says it would cost about $165,000 to install the cameras.

This is all just a proposal right now. They are figuring out how this could be implemented.

They say the illegal maneuver happens frequently but want bus drivers to report how often they are getting passed so they can get some hard numbers.

Courtesy: National Highway Safety Institute

Lionberger wants to remind all drivers if there is a physical barrier between the travel lanes like grass or a concrete median a car going in the opposite direction doesn't have to stop. But if there is not a barrier, every car must stop. This includes stopping when there is a center turn lane that doesn't have a barrier.

The board will be looking at changes in the coming months.

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