Alleghany County rolls out first set of Chromebooks to high school students

By Jenna Zibton - Anchor

ALLEGHANY COUNTY (WSLS 10) - Alleghany County students are all getting devices over the next few years. Superintendent Eugene Kotulka says it took some creativity to put a plan together and try to figure out how to pay for it over the next fifteen years as part of the Vision 2020 plan.

As stated in the Alleghany County Public School division’s Vision 2020 plan, “The use of technology and technology resources in instruction enhances individual learning,student engagement, and results in students developing a personal motivation to learn.”

The devices will be given out over the next few years. Alleghany High School students all got Chromebooks in January.  In the fall sixth to eighth grade students will get the technology.  In spring 2018, fifth grade students will get devices and then in fall 2018 all first through fourth graders will get a device.

The staff are also being trained on how to use the technology in the classroom.

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