Calming 'school phobia' during Back to School

By Jenna Zibton - Anchor

FRANKLIN COUNTY (WSLS 10) - School phobia is a real thing according to a local middle school counselor. Eleven school districts head back to school Wednesday.  Franklin County 7th grade school counselor Ann Love says put your child on the bus and send them to school.

"Generally when they bring them here to the parking lot and try to get them to get out of the car if they're upset that does not work because the parent's here, they see their child cry, they see their child upset and if they will put their child on the bus the child generally is OK and they will come to school and it will work," said Love.

The counselor says if you take your child home or tell them it's okay not to go to school the problem just gets worse. Love knows you don't want to see your child upset but it usually resolves itself. Love says you can call the school to check on your child if you want to follow up later in the day.

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