Radford High School students learning cyber security

Thousands of open jobs across Virginia

By Jenna Zibton - Anchor

RADFORD - There are thousands of cyber security jobs in Virginia, but not enough people to fill them. Virginia has been trying to get more students interested and one school has been on the cutting edge of introducing this in our area.

The cyber security class at Radford High School is getting ready for hacking.

"It's a really desired field. I'd have a profession, good money. I've always wanted to get to know software better. I'm pretty good with hardware but kind of lack the knowledge and software so this would be really good opportunity to have a guaranteed job right out of high school," said Oliver Lavery, a Radford senior.

These students are learning the basics of computers in Jennifer Eller's class.

"We're learning a little bit about what networking is, networking cabling, RJ 45, hardware pieces with it, how a switch operates," said Eller, a Radford computer technology teacher. "They are overwhelmed with computers in their daily lives and they don't really know the back end of it and how it actually affects them and their future."

"Cyber security is a field where you are constantly learning new things so if you like learning new stuff that goes on forever," said Ethan Trail a graduate, who is now in college cyber security classes. "As long as there's other people out there wanting to get other people's information and steal it then you're going to need cyber security in order to combat that because it's so important to keep all of your information secure and with the Internet now everything is connected."

Virginia just launched the Cyber Range, a space for students to practice hacking, see where the problems are, and how to fix them.

"I think that's really going to help us a whole lot to have a safe environment in order for them to use hands-on and use the tools and everything we are teaching them outside of the school network so the school won't have to worry about the students hacking into our servers," said Eller.

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