EXCLUSIVE: Seth Meyers one-on-one with Dawn Jefferies at Sweet Briar College

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AMHERST COUNTY (WSLS 10) - NBC's Late Night host, Seth Meyers made a stop at Sweet Briar College in Amherst County Friday morning as part of a contest called 'Professors of Entertainment.'

"What was your reaction when you found out you were coming to a small, rural women's college in Virginia that was supposed to be closed," one student asked as she stepped up to the podium during a question and answer session.

Even Sweet Briar students know getting the late night host to campus is a big get. The audience erupted into laughter and applause.

"I'm really impressed," he said in a one-on-one interview after the event. "You know, I think getting me here is far less impressive than saving the school, let me clear but I'm very happy to have been given the chance to come."

Sweet Briar, on the brink of closing nearly six months ago, came together to win the first installment of Professors of Entertainment to get Meyers to campus for the lecture and Q & A.

"I was not hoping for any one school over the other, but I will, in full honesty, say that I did not expect Sweet Briar," Meyers said.

Seth Meyers at Sweet Briar College
Seth Meyers at Sweet Briar College

The college scored higher than bigger schools across the country like Michigan State to win because more than half the student body voted. Votes were divided by the student body to even the playing field, and Sweet Briar came out on top.

"I did not realize how tumultuous and dramatic this last year was but after I knew I was coming here, I was lucky enough to start reading up on this incredible story, this incredible rising from the ashes," Meyers said.

The comedian shared the stories including how he watched SNL growing up to landing on the show himself in 2001 and now late night where he can take on presidential candidates with comedy.

"More than ever I feel like candidates are taking advantage of late-night television as a way to get their message out to a younger demographic. So it's a nice time to have one of the shows that they're willing to come by and talk."

Meyers fielded questions about his favorite ice cream (mint chocolate chip) to his favorite comedian, Amy Poehler versus Tina Fey.

"I would never go on record, mostly because both of them are stronger than me."

He covered a lot of ground in his hour lecture and held his own against the Sweet Briar audience.

"I've been to roll with it pretty well I thought. I didn't get knocked off my axis too much," he joked. "But there was not a single proposal. I'm a little hurt. But I'll be OK."

Sweet Briar President, Phillip Stone says it's a great opportunity for the school.

"These students today are just like the alumnae ahead of them who saved their college. They are absolutely doing everything that college is supposed to be doing with half the enrollment that we had last year. We're doing all the activities, Shakespearean plays, dance recitals, ball games and they are just can-do people. They just do not believe on limits on women in leadership."