Remembering Freddie Mercury, 28 years after his death

1946: Singer-songwriter Freddie Mercury, who would go on to be the lead singer for the band Queen, is born in Stone Town, Zanzibar. He died of bronchopneumonia brought on by AIDS on Nov. 24, 1991, only one day after publicly acknowledging he had the disease. (Carl Lender via Wikimedia Commons)

On November 24, 1991, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury died of AIDs complications. He was 45-years-old.

Mercury was diagnosed HIV positive in 1987.

Millions of fans took to Twitter to pay tribute to the late performer. Queen’s official Twitter account posted a picture of the singer holding a crown while on stage.

Last year Queen’s story was portrayed in the award-winning film Bohemian Rhapsody, which was named for the band’s hit song. American actor Rami Malek, known for his starring role in Mr. Robot, won the Academy Award for Best Actor for portraying the British rockstar.

The film reignited many people’s love for the band and introduced Queen’s music to those born after Mercury’s death. Now, American singer Adam Lambert serves as the band’s frontman.