Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ is the dating reality show you need to be watching

We can’t look away at this dumpster fire of a show

Jessica, aka "Messia."
Jessica, aka "Messia." (Netflix.)

Every once in a while, something on reality TV comes along that makes you question the sanity of the human race.

Netflix’s new dating show, “Love Is Blind,” is that show.

The idea seems pretty simple and harmless: strangers go on dates inside of a “pod” where they talk to their date through a screen. The only catch is, they can’t see what the person behind the screen looks like. They can only hear their voice.

Getting to know a potential love interest without seeing what they actually look like seems harmless at first, especially in today’s dating world, in which dating apps rule and most interactions are started based on looks alone, but the catch in “Love Is Blind” is what makes this show go off the rails -- in the best way possible.

In order for the contestants to see who they’ve fallen in love with inside the pod, they must get engaged, and then must get married by the time the show wraps up.

The episodes have been trickling out for the past three weeks, and the season finale drops this Thursday, so fans will finally get to see if the five engaged couples from the pods will actually go through with the wedding.

What makes this show so obviously bonkers is the fact that people are straight-up getting engaged without ever having seen the other person -- and knowing them for less than 10 days! -- but it gets even better (and messier) once the engaged couples have to live together in the real world.

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