Evan has been in foster care for years: 30 Days of Hope

10-year-old loves making grilled cheese, playing basketball and pets

GF Default - 30 Days of Hope: Evan
GF Default - 30 Days of Hope: Evan

ROANOKE, Va. – We are just a few weeks away from Christmas, but there are kids in our region who won’t be waking up with a family to open presents.

There are kids across Virginia in group homes, waiting for someone to adopt them.

“Evan is loving, he is kind, he is outgoing. He is very athletic. He’s a good cook,” said Heather Wright, with the Smyth County Department of Social Services.

The 10-year-old loves to make mac and cheese and grilled cheese. His secret to a perfect grilled cheese is mayo instead of butter.

He also does well in school.

“I like math because I get to do stuff mathematical. Science I get to do experiments. History I get to do fun stuff,” he said.

The 10-year-old has been in foster care for years and currently lives in a group home with other boys. He’s been there the longest.

“He comes from a rough past but he’s an over-comer,” said Wright, his caseworker who says he makes everyday things fun. “The perfect kind of family for Evan would be one that is very outgoing. Evan likes to travel and do things, different activities so a family that’s very active.”

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