Salem mom collecting letters for Santa, guaranteeing he’ll reply

Letters must be received by December 20

ROANOKE, Va. – Santa receives millions of letters from children all across the world, resulting in the daunting task of replying to them all.

That’s why Sarah Jackson has offered to help and for free!

She set up a PO Box in Salem and will make sure any letters sent there by Dec. 20 will get a reply from Santa himself!

Santa will type a personalized reply to each letter on special paper with special envelopes and stickers too!

Here’s where to send it:


PO Box 705

Salem VA 24153

To make things easier for Santa (he’s a very busy man) here are some tips:

  1. Mail all letters by Dec. 20 but please, don’t wait until the last minute. If too many show up just before Christmas, it will be impossible for Santa to reply to all of them! Santa’s last post run of the season will be Dec 23.
  2. If siblings are mailing letters, please put all of them into ONE envelope. Santa will then write one to each child and send them separately.
  3. If you can, please include a stamp for Santa. Since this is being done for free, this will be the biggest expense and a huge help.
  4. Please make sure the return address is clearly printed either on your envelope, on the back of your letter or scrap paper.
  5. If you would like your original letter to Santa returned, please have that written on a scrap paper so it can be mailed back.
  6. If you would like to donate stamps to help with the cost, they can be sent to the same PO Box.

“I will be open and honest about the cost to make this happen for many families in our area for free and I am not looking to turn a profit,” said Jackson. “I am simply a mom of three young kids who wants to bring Christmas magic to other families. Any extra donations that are not used for Santa letters will be donated to a local non-profit on Dec. 23, including stamps.”

Jackson says similar services were too expensive for her, so she wanted to do something to help families in our region. She has some more elves to help if there are a lot of letters that need to be delivered.

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