Dating in the modern age: How do I use these apps? (Or what to do if you’d rather avoid them entirely)

How to date in healthier ways, given all the latest options

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In almost all ways, technology has made our lives easier.

Let’s say you have a problem in your home: For example, your drain is clogged. You can look up the problem on Google, see what the experts have to say, watch a video on YouTube about how to fix the issue, check out blogs and forums -- you name it. You have a ton of options and resources right at your fingertips.

You’d think the same concept would apply to dating.

We have the internet -- everywhere. We all carry our phones around in our pockets, seemingly all day, every day. Shouldn’t dating be easier by now? Shouldn’t we have more options, avenues and resources?

“Sure, (these days it might be) easier in terms of accessibility, but the process is just as hard as it’s always been,” said Michelle Warren, a therapist in Birmingham, Michigan.

Warren said she works with a lot of young adults, many of whom are dating. She has clients who are older and dating as well, some widowed or divorced, who haven’t grown up with the level of technology that’s available to young people today. Either way, Warren has gotten familiar with some of the struggles associated with dating online -- or trying to date in this relatively new age of technology.

She wanted to share some insight for the people out there trying to make a romantic connection.

1.) If you’re going to use the apps, just know that they were not all created for the same purpose.

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