Christmas spirit prompts Giles family to surprise waitress with $1,000 tip

Janelle Decker is pregnant, looking to improve living situation


Princeton, WV – One lucky waitress received the tip of a lifetime from complete strangers. Truly in need, it’s what she considers a true Christmas miracle

The family from Giles County surprised her with over $1,000, and it was all caught on camera. Janelle Decker of Peterstown is a waitress at Cracker Barrell in Princeton. She also has a baby on the way.

After the family finished their meal, they handed her a Christmas card and inside was more than $1,000 cash they all pitched in on. “Merry Christmas,” they all said in unison. She was moved to tears, left speechless.


When she did compose herself enough to speak, all she could say was, “Who are you people,” jokingly. The group burst into laughter. A woman in the family responded that they were from Giles County.

Janelle said the gift couldn’t have come at a better time. She said she’s hit a rough patch lately and this will help her better her and her children’s living situation.

She also says she hopes to be able to pay it forward next year.

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