Wine consumption decreases for first time in 25 years, research says

Beer, hard cider consumption also down


The numbers weren’t so fine for wine in 2019, according to research done by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, which analyzes data and intelligence on the global alcohol beverage market.

Total wine consumption in the U.S. decreased by .9%, the first time since 1994 that there was a decrease in wine consumption, according to the research.

In addition, the analysis showed that beer consumption was down 2.3% and alcoholic cider was down 3.8%.

On the other side, ready-to-drink beverages and hard seltzer consumption was up 49.7% and distilled spirits were up 2.3%, according to research.

Research also said Tito’s Handmade Vodka surpassed Smirnoff as the top-selling distilled spirit in America.

Tito’s increased its volume by 20%, according to research.

For the full report done by IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, click or tap here.

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