Surprise donation made to local school in honor of alumna

Callaway Elementary School received $15,000 in total from family

Feel Good: Callaway Elementary receives $10K donation
Feel Good: Callaway Elementary receives $10K donation

Callaway, Va – One Franklin County school just got two big surprise donations to their library.

Callaway Elementary School received a $10,000 donation from the family of alumna Katherine Robertson MacGregor, who loved her school and hometown so much, her family made a donation in her honor.

Principal Pam Brown said the donation made a huge difference, allowing them to stock the shelves full of new books for their students to read. Already excited, the alumna’s children surprised the school with another $5,000 donation in their mother's honor just weeks ago.

Brown made the announcement in a dedication assembly Friday at Callaway.

“We had brand new books and the kids are excited about reading, and when we got the letter last week that said ‘we are making another $5,000 donation’ from her sons, it just touches you. They don’t even live around here,” Brown said.

Sharpe said the sons live in Massachusetts and New York.

Librarian Carolyn Sharpe was thrilled when the donation came to the school.

"It would be wonderful if every school library had the opportunity to have unlimited funds to be able to support their kids, Sharpe said. “It’s been an amazing experience.”

She in part used the money to help surprise the teachers by fulfilling their book wish lists. They made the announcement during the assembly.

“The teachers thought that one teacher was going to get a chance to win 10 books from their wish list. Mrs. Brown and I both knew that all of the teachers were going to get all of their books.”

Brown, Sharpe and all of the teachers say they are incredibly thankful for the donation this family has given.