Tasty Tuesday: Dogtown Roadhouse

Local sounds and tastes join forces at this Floyd County staple

FLOYD, Va.IMPORTANT NOTICE: Tasty Tuesday will go on hiatus during this period of heightened concern surrounding COVID-19.

At Dogtown Roadhouse, they make homegrown food and music come to life. It started out as a small operation, according to General Manager, Aaron Bauer. He says it started with the original owners putting an, “...oven on the back of a truck. They’d make pizzas, and sell them out that way.”

Large growth over the past few years calls for a larger menu. Bauer tell us, “You can’t just serve pizzas out of a roadhouse. You need burgers, you need good sides, you need wings.”

Fortunately for those who like bar food but quality food, they’ve got it all.

“We put a lot of heart, a lot of love, a lot of Floyd into it.”

Their apple butter comes from Woolwine, with their specialty pork coming from local farmers in town. That’s the spirit of Floyd anyway; all for the community. That’s true for Samantha Sonye, who’s worked in the restaurant business for 15 years. She says that at Dogtown Roadhouse, you get to “experience not only the food, the drinks, the music but each other.”

This place feels like home to Sonye and her co-workers if home had killer deals on killer food. On Thursdays, she says you can get two pizzas with four toppings for 20 bucks! The pizza, after all these years, is still what stands out. So, we went to the wood-fired oven to see how two of their specialty pizzas were made.

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