How to work from home -- and actually get things done, even when your kids are home, too

Does the coronavirus situation have you working remotely? We’ll help you get things done

Any work-from-home parents wondering how they'll do it?
Any work-from-home parents wondering how they'll do it? (Pexels/stock photo)

Working from home is one thing -- but working remotely when you have children or teenagers around? That’s a whole new situation for some.

How will you get anything done?

It’s a major concern. But without schools, day care or available private sitters, this is a place where many of us find ourselves, considering this new coronavirus, COVID-19, which is sweeping the globe and forcing most of us to stay inside.

So, what do you do in times like these? How does anyone get real work accomplished?

We’re here with some advice.

1.) Tag team with your spouse.

Pick a primary parent who’s “on call” for a few hours, or half the day, if you can. And then switch out. The primary parent should be in charge of getting the kids dressed in the morning, doling out meals and generally keeping the peace. If you have a spouse or a partner who can help you share the load of responsibilities, this is going to make things MUCH easier. And even if you both have to work from home, alternating who handles the bulk of the workload will help, immensely. When you’re not “on call,” hunker down! Get that work done. We get that not everyone has this luxury. But if you do, take advantage. Lean on your person.

2.) Wake up first and set up your day.

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