FEEL GOOD: Local girl takes to Facebook live to teach us about hurricanes

Athena turns 7 Wednesday, so we decided to give her some TV time to teach us about hurricanes.

ROANOKE, Va. – The current situation can be confusing for kids, but Athena Andrade isn’t letting this stop her from learning as much as possible. After watching Weather Homeschool Episode 4 last week, Athena took to Facebook Live to show everyone what she learned about hurricanes.

You can see her full video below.

Athena's Review on Hurricanes

MUST WATCH: Athena shows us what she learned from Weather Homeschool Episode 4! I was close to tears this morning, when I first watched the video. Her mom is challenging her, and she's embracing it. Not to mention, she's adorable! This was a special reminder of the good we can do for people. Makes you feel like you have purpose, you know?

Posted by Chris Michaels WSLS 10 News on Friday, March 27, 2020

How adorable and smart is she?!

Athena’s mom has been actively engaging with her, since students have had to turn to homeschooling in recent weeks. In addition to this video, Athena had to write a research paper about Hurricane Andrew.

Athena turns 7 Wednesday (April Fools’ Day), and asked that we share her video with you all. So, great job to Athena and happy birthday!

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