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You haven’t lived until you’ve eaten an orange in the shower, one ‘The Best Advice Show’ contributor says

The Best Advice Show
The Best Advice Show (Graham Media Group)

It all started with a daily gummy vitamin.

Podcaster Zak Rosen wakes up with his daughter most mornings and they each have one.

It was this sweet daily ritual that led to the creation of “The Best Advice Show," a podcast that you most definitely need in your life right now -- especially considering our current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, and how easy it is to feel helpless at times, as each day breeds more uncertainty.

The show is described as a tiny, daily podcast that, like a gummy vitamin, "will give you some nutrients,” Rosen said.

And it delivers. This advice isn’t the cliched, “easier-said-than-done” or overly abstract advice you might read online or see posted as an Instagram meme.

Some advice is very specific.

One man will tell you why eating an orange in the shower is pure bliss; a delightful experience -- and it just might make you re-evaluate your morning routine.

Another person will tell you what you should really do with your pasta water.

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