Tasty Tuesday: The Great BBQ brings Brazilian flare to Roanoke

After moving from Brazil about a year ago, Desiree Satler has made her mark on the Star City’s food scene

ROANOKE, Va. – Desiree Satler and The Great BBQ food truck burst onto the scene about a month ago, with a bubbly personality and new tastes. She’s put in all the work, from the recipes to the decor on the truck’s exterior.

“I have to put all my heart all the time on this, so that this works because I’m surviving for this.”

Fortunately, success has been swift. Satler’s work on social media has allowed Roanokers to become familiar with some unfamiliar tastes. This includes people like Genya Kalinina, who says the food is, “Super flavorful, and I love trying new food – new international food. And I love supporting local business, so this is the perfect place.”

Satler says this brings the best of both worlds.

“It’s like a health food, but it’s pretty flavorful because all the flavor comes from fresh things.”

Satler is from Brazil where, she says, it’s not just about spice. Fresh ingredients are more important to their recipes, and you’ll find that to be the case with her jerk chicken.

Seasoned and grilled to perfection, you can get this and any kind of meat really on her $10 plates.

“The plate has rice, beans, salad, the farofa that’s the cassava flour with onions and garlic. That is pretty common in Brazil. Everybody eats farofa. And also vinaigrette and you choose the meat that you want.”

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