Tasty Tuesday: Cupcakes & Canines offers up sweet treats to humans and their furry friends

Brandy Underwood is slinging hot chocolate bombs by the hundreds ahead of Christmas

DALEVILLE, Va.Cupcakes and Canines owner, Brandy Underwood, has been baking for a while and recalls, “When you post a cake on Facebook and everybody’s like, ‘where did you get it?’ and I said, ‘I made it.’”

That was all it took for Underwood to get into baking professionally, along with the fact that she used to do it for family.

She remembers, “Decades ago when my nephews were little, I wanted to decorate for their birthdays.”

The decorating is flawless — everything from the cupcakes to the doggy biscuits that almost look like human food. As for the human food, it changes weekly. Underwood posts the menu each Thursday, starting with the usuals, like, “Wedding cake is our most popular cupcake flavor. We actually have that every day.”

Then, she has more seasonal options, including, “Gingerbread, peppermint mocha, mint chocolate.”

Nothing says winter holidays like a mug — or a bomb — of hot chocolate. This is something that’s drawn a lot of attention on social media.

Underwood tells us, “I introduced them and rolled them out in November, just as a general video and they went crazy.”

Now, she’s droppin’ bombs by the hundreds. Between now and Christmas, she has more than 400 to make.

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