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We’ve been making quesadillas wrong this entire time, according to TikTok

We've been folding tortillas wrong for so long. (Jack Roskopp)

TikTok is fantastic for endless scrolling and having a good laugh at people’s videos, but it’s also great for finding out new life hacks, and apparently, we’ve been making quesadillas wrong the entire time.

Granted, this technique more so shows you how to make a stacked quesadilla instead of a flat, more traditional one -- or even a panini-type sandwich -- but nonetheless, it’s a genius way to fold a giant tortilla filled with whatever kind of food your heart desires.

It’s pretty easy, too. First, you’ll cut halfway up the tortilla, making sure not to cut it all the way, so that the tortilla doesn’t separate into two pieces.

Next, you’ll want to think of your tortilla as having four different quadrants.

In one section, you’ll add your ground beef or chicken. The next section, add in your cheese. The third section you could fill with lettuce or any other kind of veggie, and the last section can have your sauce.

Then comes the folding. You’ll fold each section over so that you’re left with a stacked quesadilla. Then just grill it on a pan with a little oil or butter until it’s golden brown.

If you’re confused, just watch the video below.

As you can see, this TikTok user decided to add pizza ingredients onto the tortilla, and doesn’t it look delicious? You can always go traditional with the toppings, but switching it up with pizza ingredients, or like the other video below, breakfast ingredients, make this the best food hack to ever happen.

Now go forth and get creative with your tortilla adventures!

Making a quick and easy lunch or breakfast just got so much better, right?

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