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Tasty Tuesday: The Maroon Door carries legacy, offers something different to Blacksburg

Everything from lamb to wings to in-house beer can be enjoyed here

BLACKSBURG, Va. – You see a ton of great restaurants on social media, but it’s not until you go there that you find the true story.

That’s the case behind The Maroon Door in Blacksburg. Owner, Chris Linden, says its story goes back way before he took over.

“My grandfather actually had a restaurant on this side from the late 40s to the late 60s.”

He opened up shop this past Halloween, but had a lot of work to do prior to bringing customers in.

“We had to do a lot with this building, so it’s been a two-and-a-half to three-year project. During the demolition, we found the maroon door that was an entrance to the back pool area.”

And so a name was set. Then, the menu came along, which was carefully crafted by Chef Brady.

He tells us that they wanted to offer up something different to the pub scene.

“The healthy aspect is one that’s very important to me personally.”

For starters, Linden tells us, “Our wings are definitely different than any others you’ll get in town.”

He wasn’t lying! Thrown in the fryer, dressed in a black garlic gochujang sauce and topped with a ginger and honeydew salad, these wings are something else!

Next comes the burgers made from local beef and homemade buns. While we were there, Chef Brady showed us what went into the Lamb Burger, saying, “It’s a burger take on kind of a gyro.”

This burger is piled high with the Greek classics, including spinach, tomato, Tzatziki and feta. For seafood lovers, the salmon is surrounded by a medley of fried Ube potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, red pepper and spinach.

Last but not least, The Maroon Door brews its own beer.

Linden walked us through what’s on tap now, including “The Showstopper IPA, a really good Belgian one right now – the Whitecap. The stout he put on is really good as well.”

They’re proving that the sky is the limit and, as Linden says, “Windows of opportunity only open for so long. Sometimes, you just have to jump through.”

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