Tasty Tuesday: Baked by Rhyan to start selling sweet treats at downtown Roanoke market

Vegan baked goods from brownies to cinnamon rolls and cupcakes to cookies

ROANOKE, Va. – Rhyan Hartman is a 19-year-old vegan baker in the Roanoke Valley. Her business, Baked by Rhyan, has gained popularity on social media for her unique treats and combinations.

When Hartman visited 10 News to film Tasty Tuesday, she brought an assortment of cupcakes, brownies, cinnamon rolls and cookies that did not last long. She’s known for going beyond the status quo, making things like the Oreo Red Velvet cupcakes or her Nutella (homemade, by the way) S’mores cookies.

What’s (perhaps) even more interesting is that her baking is all vegan.

She says she made the decision to go vegan a few years back and has incorporated that into her baking, but you wouldn’t know the difference.

Instead of ordinary milk, she substitutes it with a variety of plant-based milks. Instead of eggs in something like the brownies, she decided to use applesauce and flax seed.

Her popularity on Facebook and Instagram is a testament to her skill in the kitchen and her dedication to bringing something different to the Roanoke food scene.

You can find her - starting April 9 - at the downtown market in Roanoke.

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