1ST AND 10: Share your school spirit with us for a chance to be featured on TV! 🏈


ROANOKE, Va. – Friday. Night. Lights. Need I say more?

1st and 10 is your one-stop shop for all your high school football needs this season, and we’re looking forward to featuring athletes from across the region in our Friday night highlights.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could be on TV too? Well, you totally can! All you’d need to do is submit your photos to Pin It.

Don’t worry, using Pin It is actually pretty simple. It’s the best way you can send in your photos for the chance to be featured!

Here’s how to use Pin It:

  • Click “Upload a Pin” and choose a picture or video,
  • Choose “1st and 10” as the channel
  • Include a description (optional)
  • Hit submit!

That’s it! Piece of cake, right?

About the Author:

Alli Graham came aboard the digital team as an evening digital content producer in June 2022.