Doctors say it's best to openly discuss tragedy with children

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Paris a destination spot for many, but after the string of terrorist attacks Friday, fear has reached inside many homes here in the U.S. We spoke to a psychiatrist at Carilion who believes the terrorists behind the attack wanted to instill fear.

Fear can affect families and young children especially because of social media. Doctors say that fear can cause anxiety. Dr. Thomas Milam, a psychologist at Carilion, suggests starting a discussion with your children.

"Sometimes they're just not sure what they're feeling," commented Dr. Milam. "But, if you give them an opening and say 'are you worried about this, are you worried about feeling safe here in our town'...then they can open up a little bit more."

Dr. Milam further said stresses, lack of sleep, a change in attitude or daily routine and stomach pains and headaches are all signs of anxiety.

He said keeping an open dialogue will help children feel comfortable about opening up when they want to discuss the violence overseas.