Turning Up the Heat to Ward off Alzheimer's

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(WSAV) - When a person gets older, it's common for the body temperature to drop.

My grandparents used to keep their home so incredibly warm.  It got to the point that we would have to dress for visits or sweat it out.

Well, a new study suggests it's about more than just dressing in layers or turning up the heat.  Scientists believe the change in body temperature aggravates the symptoms of Alzheimer's.  The main manifestation of the disease is the production of beta-amyloid, which leads to the development of plaque in the brain.

A team of scientists from University Laval in Canada found that by increasing body temperature, beta-amyloid production drops substantially – therefore, memory improves.

Experts believe these findings mean thermoregulation treatment in seniors with Alzheimer's could ease their suffering.

Experiments have already been done on mice, and the group hopes to expand treatment to humans.

If it all works, scientists say this would be a relatively easy therapeutic option.  Body temperature can be increased by physical activity, diet, drugs or simply by turning up the thermostat.

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