Roanoker fights breast cancer, races for a cure with Komen

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ROANOKE (WSLS 10) - Breanna Hall is living the mission of Komen for the Cure as part of Susan G. Komen Virginia Blue Ridge.

"I think it's really important especially with, it seems as if there are more and more women diagnosed with breast cancer and I just feel like there are so many resources out there that I want to make everyone aware," she said. "That's just my goal, to try to educate people."

Like Susan G. Komen, Hall said she's dedicated to bringing an end to breast cancer. She spoke to lawmakers on Capitol Hill during an advocacy summit in March and fought her own battle against the disease.

"I was diagnosed when I was 38 with stage-two breast cancer," she said.

She discovered the lump herself.

"I was at the pool, and I happened to look down and I saw an indention. I was like 'Oh no, that's not good.'"

Young, and with no family history, Hall's lesson is one she now shares.

"I was really surprised to learn that 90 to 95 percent of breast cancer is not genetic, but I had no history when I had my gene testing."

It was shortly after surgery, chemotherapy and reconstruction in March 2016 that Breanna heard about Komen Race for the Cure.

"I was like, 'Am I released yet? Can I join? Can I do this?'" she asked one of her doctors. "Five days after he released me I had already signed up."

With that, Hall took part in her first race.


"I just felt like it was a place I met all kinds of people and I felt like I belonged to something. And I could share with others and they could share stuff with me. It just felt comfortable. Crossing that finish line for the first time was like the best feeling."

Hall formed her own team this year, sharing her message and trying to get even more people involved.

"I really think it's important for survivors and fighters to reach out to other people because I know a lot of other people don't. I've met so many people who have just been diagnosed, and they never talk to anybody," Hall said. "I just feel important that we're here and there is people out here."

The 8th annual Race for the Cure in Roanoke is Saturday, April 29. You can register here.