Go Red for Women Day

February 1st is Go Red for Women Day.

February 1st is Go Red for Women Day.

It's a day to raise awareness about women's heart health.

The American Heart Association says heart disease and stroke kills one in three women in the United States, but is 80 percent preventable if the right decisions are made.  

Carilion Clinic Registered Nurse, Melanie Johnson, says smoking, high blood pressure and diabetes are all factors that can lead to heart disease.

She also says you should know several key numbers.

First is your total cholesterol.

You'll also want a breakdown of that number, figuring out your HDL, LDL and trigylceride levels.  

Check your blood pressure.  New recommendations from the AHA say it should be less than 130 over 80.

Have your blood sugar tested.  Diabetes and pre-diabetes can lead to heart disease.

Learn your body mass index.  It takes into account your height and weight.  A number over 30 indicates obesity, which can lead to heart problems.

The heart association says 80 percent of cariovascular events are preventable.

If any of these levels are high, talk to your doctor about possible treatments.

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