Sitting too much can lead to heart, health problems

February is Heart Health Month.
February is Heart Health Month.

A recent study shows that Americans sit too much.

Researchers found that a large number of Americans sit six to eight hours each day, some getting no physical activity.

High amounts of sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity are linked to increased death risk and several chronic conditions, including heart disease.

Getting up and moving, even for a few minutes, can help your heart and your health.

"We have plenty of data that shows sitting for long periods of time can be just as bad as smoking and eating a poor diet. So, we need to find ways to break up the sitting, even if its five minutes at a time or just a couple of seconds," said personal trainer Ally Bowersock of Runabout Sports Roanoke.

If you sit at a desk, there are some simple exercises you can do.

You can use your desk as a workout bench and do pushups.  

You can also use it to do dips.

Move your chair out of the ways and do squats at in your work space.

Just a few minutes here and there adds up.

"Anything that facilitates more activity in your day is going to help in the long run.  don't think that because its a little its not helping.  Every little bit counts," said Bowersock.

Other things you can do include parking further away and walking, use the stairs instead of the elevator and when making a phone call, stand up instead of sitting.

When talking to a co-worker, walk to their desk instead of picking up the phone.

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