Free virtual course provides lessons on how to manage COVID-19 while at home

About 80% of those who test positive are expected to have mild or moderate symptoms

ROANOKE, Va. – Coronavirus cases in the United States now top 2.6 million and according to health experts, the numbers will continue to increase as more states open and testing capabilities increase.

About 80% of those who test positive for the virus are expected to only experience mild or moderate symptoms, meaning they may be able to stay home and not need to be treated at a hospital.

For those individuals, there’s now a free online course on managing COVID-19 at home.

The series of short videos and readings cover everything from the basics, like symptoms, to the more complex, such as how to use a pulse oximeter, and detailing breathing exercises to speed up recovery.

“Every video that I’m in, everything that I’ve done, is exactly what I would turn to my parents and say ‘Listen, this is what we need to do to stay safe,’ said Dr. Jose Torradas, a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

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