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CDC recommends wearing two masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

This prevents COVID-19 exposure by about 95%

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For many, remembering to wear a mask is a pain.

While one mask is better than no mask, the CDC is now suggesting that people wear two masks to protect themselves against COVID.

The double mask will provide an extra barrier from the coronavirus.

According to a CDC study published Wednesday, COVID-19 exposure decreases by about 95% when wearing two tightly-fitted masks.

Double-masking can help limit COVID spread (CDC)

The CDC advised that individuals wear a cloth mask over a medical one rather than two medical masks and warned against wearing masks with a filter because droplets containing the virus can still escape.

Mask fitters and a nylon covering over one’s mask can also be beneficial, according to the CDC.

Sources indicate that the extra protection may be needed due to the new South African and Brazil variants.

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