Home for the Holidays build continues despite colder temperatures

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - It takes more than cold weather to keep the workers at the WSLS 10 Habitat for Humanity Home for the Holidays project from working to complete their goal by next week.

"Outside, it's a very cold day, but we have some people braving siding and metal rails, metal rails on the deck on the decks and things of that nature," said construction manager Joey Monile.

"Cold doesn't bother me too much. I can dress for it. It's the rain that wears you down," said longtime volunteer Carl Howell, who thought for a moment and added, "And the snow."

Meanwhile, inside the house, it's time for doorknobs, closet shelving and cabinets.

"We would love to get the cabinets in and all the finish materials such as closet shelving, knobs that kind of thing before the flooring company gets here," said Monile, who explained that work would continue through the weekend.

Everything is still on schedule, but veteran volunteer Carl Howell cautions that the hardest part of any job is the last five percent.

"It's surprising that they should get to the end of the job things seem to slow down. As you're starting, everything's going together good. You can see a lot of progress. And then you get into the finish work it takes more time and more patience and everything just seems to come into a slower mode."

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