New homeowners receive keys at WSLS 10 Home for the Holidays dedication

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - T he Hopkins family has a new home for the holidays in Lynchburg. After two weeks of construction, we handed over the keys live today on WSLS 10 at Noon.

The build wouldn't have been possible without the help of Habitat for Humanity and other community volunteers.

Dozens of people gathered on the driveway as the moment drew near that Kennesha Hopkins would receive the keys to her new home. After a short prayer, everyone reflected on the near miracle that a home could be built and dedicated in just three weeks.     

"We had fabulous sponsors answer with in-kind donations of materials and labor. We had cash donations this project. This project has been such a blessing for our team, the whole Habitat team, as well as the Hopkins family," said Habitat for Humanity Executive Director Donna Vincent.

"We're so happy for and your family to be able to move into this. It's very cold out here today, but it's very warm inside and we're just honored to be able to be part of this and we just wish you nothing but the best in your future," said WSLS 10 General Manager Garry Kelly.

Then on behalf of all those gathered and many who had helped along the way, WSLS 10's John Carlin presented the keys to the new home.

After a short countdown, it was time to cut the ribbon.

Inside, there were more thank yous and a brief tour of the house.

"We do home sizes based on the ages and genders of the children. So she has a 14-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter so each has their own bedroom," said Vincent.

And a moment for Kennesha that was just plain emotional, "we will finally have something to call our own. Even when they're grown and they leave home, they will know that this is home. This is where it starts and I'm just truly blessed and thankful."      

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