Progress continues on Home for the Holidays build

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - The WSLS 10 and Habitat for Humanity's Home for the Holidays build is nearing the halfway mark.

With only 10 days until the big reveal, the build is heading into the next phase.

"Seeing if we can wrap up all the siding work and close the house in," explained construction manager Joey Monile.

Workers spent Monday finishing up the outside so all remaining work will move indoors. It's as much about progress as it is about making sure the weather doesn't slow them down.

"Weather should not be a factor at that point and we should hit our deadlines," said Monile.

Volunteers will also prepare the trim inside to allow painters to take over on Wednesday.

"We're ahead of schedule that's basically all I can say about that," continued Monile.

Ahead of schedule in large part to a group of regular volunteers who come out to help.

"It's all the importance in the world. They don't get done without these guys. These gentlemen and lady show up three days a week and work for us and without them it doesn't get done," explained Monile.

Done and pressure lifted next week.

"The relief point will be about 30 minutes before dedication," said Monile.

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