'Regular Crew' members take on big role for Lynchburg Habitat builds

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) -- The work is the opposite of the kind of job Ken Hill held in a cubicle as an engineer for 37 years.

"I enjoy being outside in the fresh air and doing the physical work," said Habitat for Humanity volunteer Ken Hill.

He's volunteered for the Greater Lynchburg Habitat for Humanity for 18 years.

"I like to pay it forward and do something good for the community," Hill continued.

Dave Bultema, also an engineer, has been doing it for 18 years as well.

"Everything's different every day," he explained.

Bultema has been part of 100 Habitat builds in Lynchburg.

Dale Keen has been volunteering for 21 years.

"Because I like doing it and I think it's worthwhile what I'm doing to give back to the community," Keen said.

All three are of part of Habitat's "Regular Crew," 39 workers the organization not only counts on, but depends on.

"I can guarantee that We would not be able to do any of his without them. There would be no way," said volunteer coordinator Susan Morris.

Morris says this core group works year-round in all kinds of weather.

"There are times where the snow is just coming down and we're trying to get work done and we have deadlines and they get that," she said. "They are out here helping us to be able to accomplish that goal."

They've helped build 295 homes, including this Home for the Holidays.

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