Roofing and wiring just part of Home for the Holidays day three's work

By John Carlin - Anchor

LYNCHBURG (WSLS 10) - Thursday marked day three of the Home for the Holidays build and a lot of work was completed.

From working on the roof, to installing electrical wiring, volunteers certainly were kept busy.

Now, just eleven days of work remain on the Hopkins' family home.

The home not only has a roof, but it also has windows, installed by Plygem, one of the project sponsors.

Elsewhere, workers made steady progress in weather-proofing the home by adding shingles to the roof, by mid-afternoon they were nearing completion.

Zachary Newlun, of Lynchburg Roofing, doesn't get his hands dirty during his day job on the sales side of the business, but was happy to be out there, pounding nails and helping improve someone's life.

Electricians were also busy today. After they ran the main line into the house, they began stringing the wiring into the various rooms, for outlets and light switches. Professionals worked quickly enough that much of the job was done by the end of the day.

And while some of the people on the build are pros,or former pros, many are just people who want to help.

Still to come is plumbing, fixtures, cabinets and finish work.

The team of volunteers has a busy couple of days ahead of them as next week will be filled with painting, adding insulation and installing counter tops, doors and floors,

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