Kindergarten Boys, One White, One African-American, Say They're Twins Who Look 'Exactly Alike'


A kindergartner just had to match with his classmate for his school’s “Twin Day” because he looked just like him, he told his mom.

It made no difference that their skins were different colors. 

Britney Tankersley’s son Myles came home from school a few weeks ago and said “he had to be twins with a boy in his class named Tanner" because they look "exactly alike" with the "same hair, same eyes."

Tankersley said she had no idea who Tanner was, so after much pleading from Myles, she contacted Myles’ teacher in attempt to get Tanner’s mom’s number. Eventually she was able to track down Tanner's mom, Lakendra Watts, and Watts said she had no problem with them matching the next day.

“I headed to Walmart as they were the only store left open and got the boys matching outfits,” Tankersley said. "Myles wore his and took Tanner's set to school with him the next morning. After he changed and they were 'twins,' his teacher sent me the photo.”

Late last night Myles went on & on about how he had to be twins with a boy in his class for Twin Day because they look...

Posted by Britney Tankersley on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The mom said her heart melted when she saw it.

“I expected to see a child that looked just like Myles, but all I needed to do was look a little deeper,” Tankersley said. “Outwardly these children were different, but my son never saw that, which made me so proud.”

Tankersley said she texted the picture to her husband who also said "they look identical to me."


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