How To Safely Ring in New Year's Eve 2020


More than 1 million people will gather in Times Square this New Year’s Eve to watch the annual ball drop and ring in 2020.

Ryan Seacrest will be hosting Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration for the 15th year and will be joined by actress Lucy Hale.

In the past, people have braved subzero temperatures, rain, and snow to be a part of the celebrations, but this year, people can expect to ring in the new year in pleasant weather.

And with so many people in one space, safety is always a top priority.

"There are gonna be thousands of cops assigned to Times Square and surrounding streets,” said NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan. “Most of them will be in uniform in highly visible posts, but as always, we will have several teams out there that will be not be visible.”

It’s also always good to have an exit plan in large crowds, safety expert Steve Kardian told Inside Edition. Visualizing a situation can help one remain safe in an undesired situation, such as a stampede or something similar

“Ask yourself, If something happened, where would I go?’” he said. “The crowd moves like a river, you won't be able to go upstream. Move at an angle to the side.” 

Look for cover in the form of a car, a garbage can or light post. Even a doorway can put a barrier between you and the crowd. 

“It's critical to stay on your feet,” he said. 

One small push can put a crowd off balance. Kardian says to stagger your feet, put your arms up like a boxer in order to protect your heart and lungs. If you do get knocked down, do not lie on your back or stomach. Instead, curl up on your side to protect your vital organs and your heart. 


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