What Are the Lights Spotted Flying Over Colorado?


What are the mysterious lights flying over Colorado?

Authorities say they're drones, but they don’t know who is responsible.

At least 17 drones have been spotted flying over Phillips and Yuma counties for the last week, the Denver Post reported Monday.

The drones, which reportedly have six-foot wing spans, have been flying 300 ft. in the air from about 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the paper reported.

“They’ve been doing a grid search, a grid pattern,” Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliott said. “They fly one square and then they fly another square.”

Officials from the FAA also informed police that they have no idea who is flying the drones because drone pilots aren’t obligated to submit flight plans unless they are in a controlled airspace. The Air Force and Army forces also confirmed they are not responsible for the drones.

Since the first sighting before Christmas, the drones have allegedly been spotted in six counties, including one sighting in nearby Nebraska.

Police said that with the level of skill being used to fly the drones, it is unlikely the people responsible are “hobbyists,” the Associated Press reported.

“They do not seem to be malicious,” Elliott told the Associated Press. “They don’t seem to be doing anything that would indicate criminal activity.”


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