Arizona Man Saves Family From Fire Spreading to Their Home

A quick-thinking Arizona man is being hailed a hero for alerting a family that their home was at risk of catching fire

Ty Byers of Mesa did everything he could to make sure Gladys Castaneda and her family knew they needed to get to safety, as the house next to theirs had caught fire about 4 a.m one July morning. 

“I started pounding on the windows, on the windows like that ... and yelling and screaming," Byers said. 

“I honestly thought someone was breaking in my house,” Castaneda said of the noise Byers was making to alert her to the impeding danger.

The mother of two sprang into action, handing one of her two little girls to Byers who carried her to safety before rushing back to grab the second child. He then returned a third time to make sure Castaneda was OK

Byers and Castaneda now consider each other friends for life. 


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