Inside the Hyperbaric Chamber Where Fotis Dulos Is Being Treated

Following his apparent suicide attempt Tuesday, accused murderer Fotis Dulos remains in critical condition in a New York hyperbaric chamber where he is being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Inside Edition's Diane McInerney took a look inside a similar machine at the renowned facility at Jacobi Medical Center back in 2009.

"The door alone weighs about 700 pounds and it can fit up to nine people," McInerney says in the video above.

Patients breathe 100% oxygen inside the chamber pressurized at 2.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure.

Dulos had been on house arrest after being charged earlier this month with the murder and kidnapping of his estranged wife Jennifer Dulos. The two were in the process of getting divorced and involved in a custody battle over their five children when Jennifer went missing last May.

His former girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder. They have both pleaded not guilty to all charges.

On Tuesday, police found Fotis Dulos inside his car in the garage of his multi-million-dollar mansion. Evidence shows that a tube attached to the exhaust pipe fed fumes directly into the car, according to police.

His condition is "dire," his attorney Norman Pattis said. Even with treatment it's unclear whether he will suffer from permanent brain or organ damage. 

Fotis was set to attend a court hearing on Tuesday to determine whether his $6 million bail would be revoked. 


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