Social Media Crusaders Are Harming the Search for Evelyn Boswell: Police

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A deluge of social media posts and false information is seriously hurting the search for missing toddler Evelyn Boswell, an effort already hampered by the fact no one reported her disappearance for at least two months, authorities said.

More than 60 Facebook groups have popped up, one with more than 21,000 members, since last week when the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert for the Sullivan County baby who hasn't been seen since December.

More than 600 calls have poured into the TBI tip line with sightings or information about little Evelyn, but none of the reports of her being seen alive have proved true, officials said. Thousands of theories, opinions, speculations and hunches about what happened to the child, and why, have flooded social media sites.

On YouTube, Tarot card readings have popped up, as well as psychic readings and dreams experienced by people who have never met Evelyn, nor live anywhere near Tennessee.