After Losing Her Daughter to Toxic Shock Syndrome, Mom Strives to Educate Women

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What should have been a wonderful birthday celebration for one New Jersey teen quickly turned into a nightmare for her family when an extremely rare infection claimed her life. But the sudden tragedy sent her family on a journey to help other young women avoid, what the girl's mother described as, the same "preventable" fate

Dawn Massabni took her daughter, then 19-year-old Maddy Massabni, out for her birthday on March 27, 2017. But Maddy began feeling ill by the end of the night.

Maddy still had a fever the next day, and Dawn assured her that they’d “go to the doctor first thing in the morning.” The next morning, when she went to wake Maddy up, Dawn said she knew something was incredibly wrong.

“She did not recognize me,” Dawn told “I called for help. I had her sitting up. … She was having a seizure. I was very concerned.”