What You Should Do If Your Loved One Lives In a Nursing Home During Coronavirus Pandemic

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Ground zero for coronavirus deaths in the United States is a nursing home in the Seattle area, where at least 26 people linked to the facility have died, according to state health officials.

Since their first patient tested positive last month, the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington, has been deluged by anxious relatives who said they were not able to receive information on their loved ones and were reduced to tapping on residents' windows for a glimpse of their relatives. 

Some 31 additional patients have tested positive for the virus earlier this week, health officials said.

“Our experience with this so far has shown that the virus is volatile and unpredictable,” Tim Killian, a public liaison for the center, recently told reporters. “We’ve had patients who, within an hour’s time, show no symptoms to going to acute symptoms and being transferred to the hospital. And we’ve had patients die relatively quickly under those circumstances. …We know very little about how fast this may act.”