Children Find Comfort in Meals Provided by Now-Shuttered Schools

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The coronavirus is continuing to put a hold on every day life for millions in the U.S., and the nation’s schools are no different, but a host of school districts are making sure students who may have gone without food due to closures have meals.

From New York to Maryland, schools have initiated programs where students can come for breakfast and lunch.

Teresa Woods, a teacher for NYC Public Charter Schools, said the school she works at in Harlem is providing bagged breakfast and lunch for students. She also said some teachers have volunteered to donate hot lunches and food they’ve made themselves on Mondays and Wednesdays.

“Considering there are over 15,000 homeless families in New York City, and about 42% of our student population is either homeless or lives in a shelter, many of our students rely on the breakfast, lunch and snack that’s provided by the school,” Woods told “Let’s also consider the students whose parents must still go to work during this crisis and need to ration food.”