A Look at the Eight Senators Who Voted Against the Coronavirus Relief Bill

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On Wednesday, the senate passed a coronavirus package 90-8 with the bill going right to President Trump who signed it. 

It is the second package that was voted for emergency funding among the pandemic. The senate is expected to vote on a third bill in the coming weeks.  The current bill guarantees up to 10 days paid sick leave to workers who fall ill with the virus and provides for free testing.

Like many items in the senate these days, the bill faced opposition, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urging for bipartisan support to aid the American people during this time of crisis. 

“I will vote to pass their bill. This is a time for urgent bipartisan action, and in this case, I do not believe we should let perfection be the enemy of something that will help even a subset of workers,” McConnell said.