Six Years On, Family of Relisha Rudd Still Has Many Unanswered Questions About 8-Year-Old's Disappearance

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For Relisha Rudd, March 1, 2014 was like any other day. She and her three younger brothers spent the morning at her aunt Ashley Young’s house, where Relisha had her hair done in “some pink and white bow-bows,” as she called them, Ashley told

Relisha hadn’t been feeling well that morning, so she stayed home from school and waited with Ashley for her mom to pick her up. Ashley recalled watching a sweet social media video Relisha and her mom Shamika recorded as they were leaving her home. Little did Ashley know, that would be the last time she ever saw her young niece with her own two eyes.

March 19 marks six years since young Relisha seemingly disappeared without a trace. The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children released a new age-progression photo on Feb. 27 to show what Relisha might look like today, at 14 years old. She was just 8 when she disappeared.

Despite few leads in the many years since Relisha disappeared after staying in a homeless shelter with her mom and her younger brothers, the community has kept her at the forefront of their minds, continuing to hold vigils, speaking with the press and work with investigators to keep her case relevant.